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quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2013

Músicas do episódio 3x18, "Dead to Me"

Artista: Pi Jacobs
Música: “Trying to Be Loved”
Cena: Aria, Emily, Hanna e Spencer falam de Ezra no The Brew antes de Jason as interromper.
They don’t know me
I’m just trying to be loved
To be worthy
I’m just trying to be loved
Trying to be l-o-v-e-d

Artista: Madi Diaz
Música: “Burn”
Cena: Spencer está no quarto a chorar quando diz ao investigador para continuar a procurar informações sobre Toby.
Love, come out wherever you are
Love, no headlights driving in the dark
How am I supposed to find my heart?
Love, speak quiet, barely make a sound
Come closer now
Come near so I can find you out
So I can have you now

Artista: Bellflower
Música: “Without the One I Love”
Cena: Aria está mal humurada na cama de Ezra antes de Wesley bater à porta.
Oh, the sun don’t rise
And the moon don’t shine
Without the one I love
Oh, the bells don’t ring
And the choir don’t sing
Without the one I love

Artista: Bosshouse Music
Música: “Breaking Away”
Cena: Spencer vai ao apartamento de Toby.
Tell me
Tell me I’m wrong
Tell me
I’m too far gone
Breaking away
Take it all away

Artista: Lianne La Havas
Música: “Gone”
Cena: Spencer escreve o nome de Toby na cripta.
I heard enough fairy tales back in my youth
So just stop biting your nails and take the painful truth
You just look ridiculous in disguise
Yes I found you out
This is my last goodbye
'Cause it used to be my life and soul
Keeping everything in tune
What the heck man?
Last time I checked man
We had it all
It was just me and you
So what happened to you
Thought I knew you
No more chances
I'm gone, gone, gone

Fonte: Wetpaint

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